Baby Triceratops Pattern

Triceratops is my favorite dinosaur, so I am especially excited about sharing this week’s pattern. Now without further ado, here are all the details! The pattern for the triceratops egg will be in a separate post.

For this project, you will need yarn for the head, body and legs of the dinosaur, black thread for the eyes, white yarn for the horns, a crochet hook, sewing needle, and fiberfill.

I used Cascade Yarns North Shore and a 3.5mm crochet hook. The crochet abbreviations (US) are at the bottom of the post, if you need them for reference.

Step 1: Tail and Body

Magic Ring           6sc                        (6)

Rows 2-4               6sc                        (6)

(Pull Magic Ring closed tight.)

Row 5                   1sc + 1inc             (9)

Rows 6,7               9sc                        (9)

Row 8                    2sc + 1inc             (12)

Row 9                    3sc + 1inc             (15)

Row 10                 4sc + 1inc             (18)

Row 11                 5sc + 1inc             (21)

Rows 12-22           21sc                      (21)

Row 23                  5sc + 1dec            (18)

Row 24                 4sc + 1dec            (15)

Row 25                 3sc + 1dec            (12)

STUFF (fiberfill)

Row 26                 2sc + 1dec            (9)

Row 27                 1sc + 1dec            (6)

Sl st. and tuck thread into body.

STUFF (fiberfill)


Step 2: Crest

Magic Ring            6sc                        (6)

(Do not pull too tight.)

Sl st. 1 and pivot 180°

Row 2                   1sc + 1inc             (9)

Sl st. 1 and pivot 180°


Row 3                   2sc + 1inc             (12)

Sl st. 1 and pivot 180°

Row 4                   3sc + 1inc             (15)

Sl st. 1 and pivot 180°

Row 5                   4sc + 1inc             (18)

Sl st. and sc along bottom of crest.


Sl st. and leave tail for sewing. Weave tail of yarn to center of crest.

Sew crest to body.


Step 3: Head

Magic Ring            6sc                        (6)

Row 2                   1inc                      (12)

Row 3                   1sc + 1inc             (18)

Rows 4-6               18sc                      (18)

Row 7                   1sc + 1dec            (12)

Row 8                   1dec                     (6)

STUFF (fiberfill)

Sl st. and leave thread for sewing.


Sew head to crest.


Step 4: Legs x4

Magic Ring            6sc                        (6)

Rows 2-4               6sc                        (6)

Sl st. and leave tail for sewing.


Sew legs onto body of Triceratops.

Step 5: Eyes x2

Thread needle with black thread and sew two black dots onto the head of Triceratops.


Step 6: Horns x3

Thread needle with white yarn. Sew from nose to top of right side of head.


Sew from right side of head to the left side and make a loop.


Sew from left side of head to tip of nose and make a loop.


Sew back to right side of head and make a smaller loop.


Snip yarn and tuck into head.

Now you have your very own baby triceratops! Once again, I hope you found the instructions easy to follow and that the pictures were helpful.


Crochet Abbreviations (US)

sc: single crochet

inc: increase

dec: decrease

Sl st: slipstitch


This pattern is also available as a PDF. Baby Triceratops Pattern


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